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Cobain Conspiracy Chat Room


Anyone and Everyone is invited to use this Chat Room. Here you can discuss the Cobain Case with others who have the same concern. If you are here to start trouble and to put people down because of their beliefs, you can just turn right back around and get your sorry biast ass out of here. This Chat Room is for SERIOUS discussions about Kurt Cobain's death and Courtney Love's involvement.

Monday through Friday- 5:00 PM Eastern Time
Saturday and Sunday- 1:00 PM Eastern Time

As reality would have it, I am not personally able to be in the chat room at all times. If you would like to schedule a chat time with me, please email me with the time and date you'd like to chat with me.

1) Allow the Chat Window to load completely
2) Enter your Name
3) In the "Info" box, type whatever you want your profile to read
4) Use the pull-down menu to access desired chat room
5) Hit "enter chat"

6) A seperate Chat window will pop up
7) Type your messages and press enter