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~Kurt Donald Cobain~ Welcome to 'The Cobain Conspiracy'. This WebSite is dedicated to the belief that Courtney Love and her affiliates had a great deal to do with the murder of her husband, Kurt Donald Cobain.

Kurt Cobain was considered the spokesperson for a generation, being frontman of the hugely popular and inspirational grunge-rock band, Nirvana.

This Site is suggesting that Courtney Love WAS INVOLVED with the murder of Kurt Cobain, not that she HERSELF murdered him.

Presented upon this WebSite, you will find information that was overlooked (or deliberately disregarded) by the Law Enforcement Officials assigned to the case, information that proves Courtney Love's alibi untruthful. Did Courtney have so much animosity towards her husband to the point where she would plan his murder... despite the fact that they had it all, including a beautiful baby girl? If Courtney Love DID plot Kurt Cobain's death, what right does she have to walk free? What right does she have to raise a child? Doesn't it seem strange that she recovered so quickly from his death... that she became involved sexually with others within three weeks!?!?

Courtney Love has her own band called "Hole". According to the in- depth report by Private Investigator Tom Grant, supposedly Hole's guitarist Eric Erlandson was in on the plot with Courtney. Also a member of "Hole", Bassist and Background Vocalist, Kristen Pfaff, "commited suicide" shortly after the death of Kurt Cobain. Did Kristen know too much? Or could she simply not take the pressure?

There is also another suspect thrown in the mix... there is (was) a man named El Duce. It is said that El Duce was offered $50,000 to murder Kurt Cobain. El Duce (member of the shock aka 'rape' rock band: The Mentors) did not have the balls to pull it off himself... but he knew this crazy guy who calles himself Allen Wrench. (El Duce supposedly got Allen Wrench to do his dirty work for him.) Shortly after Kurt's body was found, El Duce gave an interview with the BBC, drunk as always, mumbling that he knew the identity of Kurt Cobain's killer. A few days later, Allen Wrench shows up at El Duce's apartment, (this is El Duce's roommate's story,) all pissed off and looking for El Duce... then he comes home and the two of them go for a walk...

... El Duce mysteriously "stumbled drunk in front of a train" and was killed that night.

Also located on this Site you will find a printable PETITION that you, yourself, can sign and mail to the Chief of Police C/O the Seattle Police Department, demanding the re-opening of the Kurt Cobain "suicide" case.

With everyone working together on this cause... IT WILL BE RE-OPENED! This may seem like a cry in the dark, but with LOTS of cries in the dark combined... SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN!

Because of Legal purposes, I, the creator of this WebSite, will remain annonymous. I will view all messages posted by people, and respond to them if necessary. Don't even bother asking me who I am, you will get no reply. This Site is maintained solely for the purpose of getting the Kurt Cobain Death Investigation going again. I am not looking for any personal gain, this site is NOT about me.

A Message for Courtney Love

How does it feel to have someone plotting against you for once? I remain annonymous because for some strange reason, Courtney, those who doubt and suspect you somehow befall misfortune... why is this? Any psychologist will say you have all the symptoms of GUILT! You lie and cheat and pay people off... you destroyed an icon, you destroyed the lives of innocent fans who followed Kurt's "suicide", you rip apart any shred of hope that Kurt was not a depressed, suicidal drug addict... hope that is necessary in the minds of weak, inexperienced teenagers who depended on him. You admit you're a bitch, but that is a serious understatement. It makes me nauseous that people still like you. You need to hand Frances over to Kurt's mother and turn yourself in. Kurt's soul will forever be free, yours, however, is far beyond saving.


Here is some Email I have recieved:

I have been thinking EVERYDAY for almost two years now "What the fuck happened with Kurt?". I have been puzzled since 1996. I was just an ordinary kid. I was in grade school when Kurt died, but now I enjoy ANYTHING left of his music (and NIRVANA) I can get my hands on. I really got into Nirvana in 1996 when I started buying obscure items and bootlegs. Noticing that there were other great songs to be discovered I became heavily involved in the music of Nirvana. Last year I questioned myself for the first time (when I subscribed to HSMB) "Was Kurt really murdered?". And i thought "Nah...". I had believed what they (media) told me all along and then I saw that "Unsolved Mysteries" episode about Kurt Cobain, "MY HERO". That's when I first learned of the credit card! WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T THE SPD LOOK INTO THIS RIGHT AWAY!!! If they had looked early enough then we would have had a better chance of catching this fucker, not necessarily the guy/girl that killed Kurt, but someone in on this scheme! I went to a site last night and spent over 5 hours compiling information about the days leading up to the discovery. It was YOUR site! And it fucking showed me EVERYTHING that Tom Grant had written which I have been unaware was available on the internet! Now that you've come along and helped me see this through, I've turned to the murder theory entirely. I read EVERY article on your site about the Tom Grant investigation! It helped out alot. Anyway, I sent the petition to the SPD, but why doesn't everyone get in on this fucking thing? FUCKING LAZY? I'M PISSED AS WELL AS YOU ARE!!! I want to know the truth and I'm not gonna take Courtney's fucking plotted stories anymore. Her overdoses, "accidents", brainwashing close friends, bringing them in on this plot. I have no respect for that lying cunt fucker! My duty now is to unveil the truth. Are you with me? You can remain anonymous, no problem. I just want the TRUTH, and so do all the other LAZY fuckers on the HSMB list. I am only 16, and have no idea what your age is, but we could start something. I am willing to do WHATEVER it fucking takes to prove this case by the FACTUAL EVIDENCE. And to do this need the help of the law, the Seattle Police Department. I am willing to quit school to fucking open this case again, to die for the life Kurt lost, to live for all the music he created, and to dig deep into the unknown where missing information is waiting to be disclosed to the millions of angst-ridden humans on earth. I ask again, ARE YOU IN? I'm ready, all you have to do is respond. More of my ideas when you respond. Please don't give up on these lazy fuckers of HSMB, drive into their hearts until we can march down together to the SPD and revolt on their turf, for they have driven us away for 4 years of my life with a simple open and shut case. Please contact me soon, and if you know Tom Grant's home/p.o. adress I would like that too as well as Courtney's e-mail so I can FUCK with her as she did to so many of us Nirvana fans...

I took a look at your site and was extremely pleased by what I saw. Thanks so much for doing it. I have no doubt you're going to inspire a lot of people to really do something about this, which is what it's all about.

I want to let you know that things are going extremely well with the case. A lot more people are stepping forward and speaking with me; also, I'm hearing from more and more people worldwide, who are committed to helping out. Toward that end, a lot of them have been handing out the flyer I created.

As I said, the key is getting all supporters together and working for the common cause. Anyone who sincerely wants to help out, I would be delighted to hear from, and you have my permission to put this message (and my email address) up at your site. Working on this case requires the work of a lot of people, and the more people are not only involved but actually doing a job for the case, the better for all concerned.

With the upcoming release of the new Hole album, supporters worldwide should take this unique opportunity to:

-Initiate a worldwide boycott not only of this record and all Hole music, but all Geffen recording artists.

No one on the Geffen label can anymore claim that they don't know what's going on with Courtney Love, and they have a duty--which they have to be accountable for--to either support or oppose her. It's that simple. A total Geffen boycott will demonstrate to the world that we mean business, and how serious this is. It's high time the press understand that we supporters will simply not accept inaction in regard to this case.

If you want to change powerful corporations, hit them where it hurts most: their wallet.

-Hand out flyers and demonstrate for this cause. When the Hole record is released, we *must* have people who are committed to setting up shop outside all major music stores. Also, the MTV music awards is being held in Los Angeles, and is a PERFECT venue to raise awareness for the case--as you probably now, Hole is due to play that night.

If we could even get 50 people assembled in Los Angeles for that evening--and I will commit to fly out from Boston if we can get people together--I cannot tell you how important that would be for the case.

Thank you for putting up this website. It is obvious that a lot of thought went into the design. I have believed that Kurt Cobain was murdered since the summer of 1995 when I was alerted to the rumors circulating among California musicians that Courtney Love had a hand in her husband's death. It's nice to see that although more than four years have passed since Cobain's death, people still care.

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