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Congratulations! You have taken the first step to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING about the way you feel about Kurt Cobain's sudden and tragic death. With everyone's help, we CAN make a difference, and we WILL be heard!

Supported upon this Site may be the most important form of expression we have, the Freedom of Speech. We have the right to tell the Seattle Police Dept. what we feel, we have the right to request the re-opening of the case, and if you have the guts to go against the popular belief (thanks to the MEDIA! hiss, hiss...) that Kurt Cobain actually commited suicide... then you've stumbled upon the perfect WebSite :)

KURT COBAIN WAS MURDERED. The facts are there, case closed... right? WRONG... according to the Seattle Police Dept., Kurt Cobain commited suicide. According to the SPD, disecting a murder scenario would create too much hastle, too much paperwork, etc. Doesn't it feel good to know that the fuzz is working so hard to keep crime off the streets? SHEESH!

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