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This section of "The Cobain Conspiracy" displays the stories of people who have had personal inter- actions with Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Frances Bean, or any other members of the Cobain Family. Some stories are my own (they will be left UNMARKED). Stories that are submitted to me will have a * (asterisk) in the beginning. I have no proof that the stories which contain an asterisk are truthful. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to submit your story

Frances - 08/97

Lost somewhere in the dust of her parent's neverending media hype, Frances Bean Cobain, the only child of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, remains the object of innocence in the midst of chaos. One can only wonder what kind of effect Kurt's sudden and tragic death had on this poor child... perhaps she barely remembers? This story comes from a friend of mine. Her Aunt was Frances' Nanny during the time in which Courtney Love was filming "The People VS Larry Flynt" (after Kurt's death). Let's call this Aunt... Suzanne. Suzanne was living in Seattle when hired by Courtney Love. Suzanne was provided with her own living quarters at the Cobain Estate, though she remained living at home with her own family. It was her job to keep Frances occupied and entertained for days at a time. Suzanne invited her niece (my friend) to come visit. During her stay, my friend was allowed to spend lots of time with Frances, playing and romping. She says Frances was full of energy and a happy kid. Frances tugged on her and said "come here, come here!" Frances took her to a portrait of Kurt hanging on a wall, there was an urn with Kurt's ashes in it sitting on a shelf in front of the portrait. Frances pointed and happily declared "that's my daddy!" Moments like these don't phase children like they do adults. For Frances, she couldn't be happier to announce "that's my daddy!" While at the same time, for an adult to see a child make such an innocent remark is truly touching. There is no malicious twist to this story, in fact, that's all there is to say. ~Cobain Conspiracy~

Kurt 05/93

Fans come in all shapes and sizes, but there is one thing they all have in common: they all want to meet that ONE celebrity that has had the greatest impact on their lives. This next story happened to my ex-boyfriend. Let's call him... George. George was living in Fresno, California. He was guitarist in a teenage garage band (Nirvana being their biggest inspiration). They managed to get themselves a gig at a bar. They played their songs and sat down at the bar. One of the bar's employees walks onto the stage and announces that "Nirvana is here, and they want to play some songs". George dropped his beer and immediately began asking his friends if they heard the same thing he heard. Sure enough, Kurt, Chris, and Dave performed three or four songs. (George was practically shitting his pants right about now!) After the show, Kurt was bombarded with fans asking for his autograph and what not, but George remained cool and stayed at the bar. Kurt then appears at his side to order a drink. "Hey man, what's your name?" Kurt asks. "George. It's nice to finally meet you, Kurt." "George... I'll remember that. Hey, want to go in the back and smoke a bowl?" "Sure!" Well, there's not much left to say except that they proceeded to the back of the bar and smoked some pot. I try not to find the excitement in the fact that he got to do drugs with Kurt Cobain, but more like the honor of getting to just hang out with Kurt Cobain, not to ask him tons of questions he has to answer all the time, or to freak out and scare the guy away... but just to hang out. ~Cobain Conspiracy~
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