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To: Chief Norm Stamper Seattle Police Department 610 Third Avenue Seattle WA 98104-1886 C/O: Seattle Police Department RE: Kurt Cobain Murder Investigation Chief Stamper, My name is __________________________, this letter is a petition requesting the re-opening of the Kurt Cobain Murder Case. This letter is IN NO WAY meant to sound like a threat, nor is anyone pointing fingers directly at the Seattle Police Department. I am but one of many individuals who firmly believes that you quickly dismissed the Kurt Cobain Case as "suicide" without a serious in-depth investigation. I have reason to believe that Kurt Cobain's widow, Courtney Love, and affiliates of hers had a great deal to do with Kurt Cobain's MURDER. This is not an interrogation directly aimed at Courtney Love, but merely a request that your investigators search deeper for the truth. There were many known facts which were conveniently overlooked in your initial investigation that can be considered as crucial evidence against the story that Courtney Love has expressed in her statements towards Law Officials as well as the Media. Private Investigator Tom Grant was hired by Courtney Love to investigate Kurt Cobain's whereabouts in the days he was considered missing before his body was found. Mr. Grant continued his investigation even after Courtney Love discontinued to fund it because of his strong sense that foul play was involved. Much of Tom Grant's investigation was disregarded by the Seattle Police Dept. for reasons unknown. I am asking that you carefully review his report once more and to take it more seriously, and to also look over your own a second time. You will be recieving many of these petitions because of the fact that there are many individuals that don't accept the lie that Kurt Cobain commited suicide. You must take in to consideration that his death was so sudden and unexpected that it hit the Media like a firecracker... therefore distributing the information that was on hand straight from the Seattle Police Dept., giving the public no indication whatsoever that it may have been a homicide... therefore highlighting the importance of this petition, since we who believe there was no suicide are those who have taken it upon ourselves to investigate, because we have suspicions. There is probably enough rock solid evidence pointing towards a homicide, to equal the ammount of deception surrounding Courtney Love's innocence. I'm sure it does not feel good, as a Police Chief, to have suspicions that there might be a murderer out there that you let slip right through your fingers. The evidence is there, the witnesses are there, all it takes is some perseverence. Sincerely, ____________________________