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~The Cobain Conspiracy~
Take a look at some of the features this WebSite has to offer!

"But what can I do?"
Believe it or not, there is a LOT you can do to help get the Kurt Cobain MURDER case re-opened! CLICK HERE to discover the ways YOU can help!

"Who is Tom Grant?"
Tom Grant is the Private Investigator hired by Courtney Love to locate Kurt Cobain in the days he was missing before his body was found. Tom Grant plays a crucial role in all this, CLICK HERE to read his report! (A MUST for any Nirvana Fan)

"Who, or what, is Allen Wrench?"
Allen Wrench is suspected to be Kurt Cobain's killer. Do you want to find out why? CLICK HERE to obtain information that was conveniently overlooked by the Seattle Police Department