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The Kurt Cobain Murder Investigation

By Tom Grant

The Killing of Kurt Cobain -
Why Should We Care About A Drug Addict? -
Courtney Love, On The Inside -

Prior To My Involvement -
Easter Sunday At The Peninsula -
A False Police Report -
The Seattle Search -
Kurt Is Found -
Return To Seattle -
I Had To See "The Note" -
A Trip To Carnation -
Obstructing The Investigation -
Document Exam, Not Credible -
Meeting With The Police -
Continuing The Investigation -
Courtney Love On Notice -
Fireproofing The Bridge? -
Police Reports Bring Startling Revelations -
No Prints On The Shotgun? -
More Deaths, More Murders? -
"Copycat" Suicides -
Another Coincidence? -
"Gag Orders" -
The Rolling Stone Interview -
But Now... There's Another Note? ! -
What About The Note From The Rome Incident? -

The following material is mostly compiled from "Updates" released through
e-mail and Internet posts over the past year.

The Seattle Police Reports -
Missing Person Report -
Cobain Death Investigation Report -
Examples Of "Creative" Writing? -
Remember The Missing Credit Card? -
Who Had The Card? -
Fact Or Fiction -
A Career In The Making? -

The So Called "Suicide" Note -
What Was He Saying? -
Who Is Boddah? -
A Closer Look -
The Rolling Stone Interview -
A Conversation With Courtney -
Is All This Logical? -
There Were Two Notes! -

Answers To Questions -
What About Dylan Carlson? -
Did Dylan Know Kurt Was Dead? -
Did Kurt's Best Friend Believe Kurt Was Suicidal? -
The Seattle Post Intelligencer -
Why Isn't Rosemary Carroll Saying Anything? -
No More Doubt -
Not One But Two, And One Is A Legal Eagle! -
Why Haven't You Brought This To Trial? -
Seattle P.D., Motives For A Cover Up -
Confusion Based On Mis-Information -
Why Not Share All The Information? -
A Strategy Of Silence -
Attack The Messenger -
When All Else Fails...Try MORE Confusion -

Media Hype And The Gory Details -
Kurt Cobain's Head Was Not "Blown Off !!" -
The Privacy Issue -
A Possible Theory? -
Suicidal Tendencies -
Consistent With Suicide? -
Lack Of Motive -
But He Was A Drug Addict! -
What About His Lyrics? -
Innocent Until Proven Guilty? -
About Frances -
"Proof" Of Murder? -
More Great Police Work! -
Sgt. Cameron Speaks Out -

Another Cowardly Move -
Was This A Violation Of The Law? -
Excerpts From My Letter Of Response -
A Temporary Diversion -
The Web Connection -

A "Purchase" Of Censorship -
The Silent Media -
The KROC Blunder... Oops! -
You're Not Allowed To Hear This! -
An Agenda? -
Not Everyone's A Wimp!
And Then There's Allan Handelman
The "Dream Machine" Hoax -
Tears, Lies... And The Barbara Walters Interview -
License Renewal -
About The Skeptics -
It's All Coming Together -
The Message Is Getting Through! -

What You Can Do To Help -
Staying Focused -
Central Issues -
A Message from the WebMaster-