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1. Make copies of the material. E-Mail or send this information to anyone
and everyone who's interested.

Readers are often overwhelmed with all the information here. When
there's too much to read, they hesitate to read anything. So if you're
going to make copies of the material from this web site to give to
friends, I suggest you confine your copying to the "Summary Of
Events." If your friends want more, add updates A through F, and the
"Additional Information" page.

2. E-Mail or send the material to your local radio and television

3. Call local radio talk shows to discuss the case.

4. Participate in discussions about the investigation in folders and chat
rooms operated by your computer on-line service.

I have to warn you however... if you support the purpose of this
investigation, be prepared to get trashed and flamed by Courtney's
supporters who've been thoroughly duped. It takes courage to go
against the tide, to have an opinion that differs from the majority,
and to freely speak your mind without backing down.

5. Tell your friends they can obtain this material free of charge on the
Internet at: (Tom Grant's WebSite is no longer accessable, you may give people this link instead:

6. Join thousands of supporters around the world. Add your name to our
e-mail mailing list by sending a request to:
(this/Tom Grant's Email address is no longer active)

A short summary-Use of flyers

I know it's difficult to stay focused on the basic issues because of the
vast amount of details and information surrounding this case. In addition,
the opposition has been fairly successful at confusing Cobain fans and
other readers by continuing to plant phony stories and rumors about the
events leading to Cobain's death.

A number of readers have asked for a short summary of this investigation to
distribute to other interested parties. The best source of material for a
flyer would be the Title page of this web site. This is the page with the
two photographs and graphics illustrating the basic elements of this case.
If you design your own flyers, please include the following information at
the bottom:

For additional information...

A Message from the WebMaster

Dear viewers,

I thank you for taking the time to read this report, long as it may be, it contains information crucial to the lives of everyone that Kurt Cobain touched. With your help, this case WILL eventually be re-opened! Print out the petition and send it in, post messages, don't keep quiet about it! Be sure to check back often. Whenever there is a new way for the public to aid the case, it is posted on the main page of this WebSite!

Click the link below to return to the main page, there you can find the petition!