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WARNING: The following information deals with the condition of Kurt
Cobain's body when found at the Lake Washington residence in April of 1994.
It is graphic in nature. There's no other way to discuss this without using
some of the blunt and descriptive terminology already being used by others.
If you're sensitive to reading graphic details, you may want to skip over
this section.


The visual images created and promoted by Courtney Love and others are
actually much worse than the true images left in the wake of Kurt's death.
Contrary to popular belief, the shotgun blast resulted in VERY LITTLE

This was an intra-oral discharge. The shotgun barrel was placed in the
mouth against the hard pallet. The pellets from the shotgun blast remained
inside the head. This was a "penetrating" shot that DID NOT EXIT.

As a result, there was no blood or tissue "splatter" typical in most
shotgun blasts to the head. There was a pool of blood on the floor from
seepage, and damage inside the mouth could be observed, thus the police
report indicates, "obvious trauma to his head."

But, unlike the fake photos being passed around, and the grossly
exaggerated visual images deliberately planted in the minds of Kurt's fans,

Although drawn and slightly distorted due to the beginning effects of
RECOGNIZABLE. He was fingerprinted for identification as a matter of
procedure -- not necessity, as was falsely reported in the press.

The shotgun was a 20 gauge. This is a less powerful weapon than the more
common 12 gauge shotgun. This shotgun, even with its "light load" set-up,
would normally cause much more damage.

The lack of extensive damage was simply an aberration -- a fluke! It
happens in a small percentage of shootings of this type. But there's no way
anyone could have known in advance that this shotgun would not leave a much
uglier mess. The fact that it didn't had as much to do with angle of
discharge and skull thickness as anything else.


The Seattle Police and the Medical Examiner's Office are allowed to keep
this information from the public because in the State of Washington the
reports describing the condition of the body and the cause of death are
considered "medical records." As a result, they are not released to the
public or the press. This is done in order to provide the surviving family
a certain amount of privacy and to protect the dignity of the deceased.

In many cases, the law is a good one. In this case however, this law has
assisted in covering up the truth while the authorities, the media, and the
"family" continue feeding the public false information.


Courtney Love consistently exploits the death of her husband. During
interviews, she usually points out that she's wearing some article of
Kurt's clothing, while she tells tall tales about the events surrounding
her husband's death and his "suicidal" personality.

Courtney promotes false visual images by planting inaccurate and horrific
details in the minds of already confused fans.

Responding to a question about writing lyrics during an interview in the
December 1994 issue of Rolling Stone, Courtney comments, "When you've had
your husband's blood on your face, how can you write about it? When you
walk around in the coat that he shot his head off in, how can you write?"

During another interview, Courtney cries hysterically as she talks about
the prospect of Frances ever seeing "a picture of him with his f__kin head
blown off."

Courtney has known from the beginning that her husband's head was not "shot
off" and any photos of a man with his head "blown off" are not photos of
Kurt Cobain!!

So why all the drama? Why all the hype? Why does Courtney insist on
promoting the ugliest, most violent image of the man she claims to have image she knows to be untrue?...


No one has spread more "suicide" hype than Courtney Love.

No one has exploited and capitalized on Kurt's death more than Courtney

No one has exploited Kurt's daughter more than Courtney Love.

And when it comes to the "privacy" of the family, no one has violated the
dignity of Kurt Cobain more than his "professional widow."


Some readers have written to say they believe Courtney may have
deliberately hounded and pressured Kurt to get him to commit suicide. This
is a reasonable conclusion based on what we've seen and the limited
information available to the public as of this date.

I seriously considered this possibility for several months after Kurt died.
If this truly was a suicide, it became obvious from what I was learning,
that Kurt desperately wanted to get away from Courtney. Maybe he just gave
up and decided to end it all?

Inconsistencies, contradictions, and additional investigation eventually
excluded this theory. This was NOT a suicide.


Aside from Courtney's hype about suicide, how much did you really hear from
Kurt, his friends, and some of the writers who interviewed him?

In an interview in the January, 1994 issue of Rolling Stone, Kurt DID speak
of being suicidal at one time. He did say he thought about killing himself
every day! But read carefully and you'll discover he was talking about a
previous period of time.

"For five years during the time I had my stomach problems." After
describing his physical torment, he concludes, "This is no way to live a
life. I love to play music, but something was not right. So I decided to
medicate myself."

Five years of agonizing pain!... and when it really came down to it, Kurt
Cobain did not choose suicide as an option!

But there's more...


April 18, 1994
(An interview with Kurt before his death)

"I don't want people telling her, (Frances) that her parents were junkies."
(Are we to believe he didn't care if she was told her father "blew his head


March 21, 1994
(An article about the Rome incident)

"Ironically, the incident occurred at a time when Cobain seemed to be more
at peace with himself than he had been in years."


Dec. 15, 1994.
(David Fricke interviewing Courtney Love)

"It's been a year, (since his interview with Kurt), He told me he was
happier than he'd ever been. And frankly, I believed him."


April 15, 1994
(An interview with Dylan Carlson... Kurt's best friend)

"Kurt just wanted to make music, and he didn't want to do the grind."

"Carlson said Cobain did not seem suicidal."

"He was prepared to deal with things facing him."

"He said he wanted the gun for protection ..."

"Kurt was concerned if he bought the gun in his name, the police would come
and get that gun too."

The gun was purchased in Dylan's name. One would have to wonder why Kurt
would CARE that the police might eventually confiscate this gun if he was
just buying it to kill himself with?


I spent some time with Mark Lanegan, another one of Kurt's close friends while I
was in Seattle. Lanegan rode with Carlson and I while we were looking for Kurt.
Mark Lanegan told me he didn't think Kurt was suicidal either! After Cobain's death,
he also told a writer for Rolling Stone Magazine, "I never knew Kurt to be suicidal.
I just knew that he was going through a really tough time." (See "Cobain" by the
editors of Rolling Stone, Page 90).


What about his condition while he was at the rehab in Los Angeles, just days before
his death? According to an article in the Rolling Stone book, "Cobain," Neil Strauss reports, "Joe Mama, a
long time friend of the couple's who was the last to visit Cobain
at Exodus: 'I was ready to see him look like sh_t and depressed. He looked so
f__cking great. ' "

Kurt met with several psychologists at the rehab. In spite of Courtney's suicidal
hype, none of these psychologists believed Kurt was suicidal!

After all you've read and heard in the media about his so-called "suicidal tendencies," isn't it strange that
those closest to him said Kurt Cobain was not suicidal?

Kurt was either fooling everyone... or Courtney was!

Who do you believe?


The police have a few indicators they use to back up their "opinion" that
Kurt's death was suicide. They refer to these details as being "consistent"
with suicide, or "consistent" with a self- inflicted gunshot wound.

It's interesting to me that the police fail to mention the countless
INCONSISTENCIES here. For every item the police claim to be "consistent
with suicide," I can list many more details surrounding Kurt's death that
are NOT "consistent" with suicide.

Here are just a few:

* The combination of a large dose of drugs, in addition to the shotgun
blast. (I've been told by experienced homicide investigators, this is
highly unusual, "inconsistent." It would normally be done with one or
the other... not both).

* A highly impaired, (if not impossible), ability to handle a shotgun
after an injection of much more than a "lethal" dose of heroin and

* THREE rounds loaded into the weapon.

* No legible fingerprints on the shotgun.

* A lengthy note TO HIS FANS with no evidence that it was a "suicide"
note...(Any way you read it, it was certainly not "typical" of a
suicide note).

* Another note left, BUT KEPT IN SECRET! Again... nothing suicidal, but
it did say he was LEAVING COURTNEY!

* No explanation or personal note to his mother.

* No personal note of explanation left to his baby daughter, Frances, to
help her understand all this as she gets older.

* Substantial wealth, a child with a future, and yet, according to the
Cobain's attorney, Kurt died without even finishing the will he'd been
working on.


* Lies, contradictions, and phony planted stories in the press.

* A wife with obvious financial motive for "suicide" rather than

* A wife with career motive to plan her husband's "suicide" rather than
face the humiliation of being left by Kurt just before her record
album is to be released.

* A wife with a history of threats, vindictiveness, and violence.

But you're expected to believe that Kurt planned his "suicide" enough in
advance to take the time to buy a shotgun, write an extensive letter to his
fans, and then take his own life without any real thought for his close
friends, his mother, (who claimed to be his "soul mate,") and the person he
loved more than anyone... his daughter!

I'll be discussing more "inconsistencies" in the future).


Contrary to what you've been told by Courtney Love and the manipulated
media reports we've all been force fed, Kurt Cobain had no motive for

* The evidence will prove Kurt was leaving Courtney. She was not leaving
him. So unlike many suicides, rejection by his spouse was NOT a

* He had no serious financial problems; in fact he was turning down
millions! So depression over financial matters was NOT a motive.

* He had a baby daughter that he adored. This was motive to live, not

* He had millions of fans
all over the world. Public rejection was certainly no motive here.


"When you do hard drugs, you're capable of doing anything," many have said.

Blaming Kurt's death entirely on his drug use is a display of ignorance and
defies logic. If drug use was actually the only reason this man allegedly
killed himself, drug addicts who are a lot worse off than Kurt Cobain would
be killing themselves by the thousands every day!

Drug addicts often don't care much whether they live or die. Many die from
an accidental overdose because they get careless. But very few drug addicts
deliberately kill themselves simply because they're addicts.

Whether on drugs or not, people who commit suicide have a reason...a


Occasionally some sadistic bully will post in one of the on-line folders
simply to harass Kurt's fans. "Listen to his lyrics. 'I hate myself and
want to die.' He's dead. He killed himself, people. Get over it!"

If you believe lyrics are to be taken literally, you're not paying
attention to most of the music you listen to. If lyrics were meant to be
taken literally, nearly every song writer would be either divorced, in
prison, or dead!

What did Kurt have to say about these lyrics?

In the interview with Kurt published in the January, 1994 issue of Rolling
Stone, David Fricke asks, "One of the songs that you cut from 'In Utero' at
the last minute was 'I Hate Myself And Want To Die.' How literally did you
mean it?"

KURT ANSWERS - "As literal as a joke can be. Nothing more than a joke. An
d that has to do with why we took it off. We knew people wouldn't get it;
they'd take it too seriously. It was totally satirical, making fun of
ourselves. I'm thought of as this pissy, complaining, freaked-out
schizophrenic who wants to kill himself all the time. 'He isn't satisfied
with anything.' And I thought it was a funny title. I wanted it to be the
title of the album for a long time. But I knew the majority of the people
wouldn't understand it."

Kurt was right. They didn't!

So to the sadists behind the harassing posts, I have to reply, "These are
JUST LYRICS, people... Get over it !"

You may not agree with everything I've got to say, but if you're looking
for simple answers in order to avoid a real evaluation of all the facts of
this case... look no further. Go on about your business. This whole thing
may be over your head.


Kurt Cobain has been convicted by the police and the media of committing
suicide. There has been no proof, only opinions... and those opinions have
been based on false and misleading information.

Look at what little evidence you've been given by the police. Besides being
inaccurate, it's pretty weak, isn't it? Would a jury convict someone on
this kind of weak evidence and speculation?

"Well, the police say he's guilty, so... he must be!" Try pulling that off
in a court of law!

The worst thing is that Kurt isn't even here to defend himself. He has no
lawyer to act as his advocate against these accusations. He's totally at
the mercy of the police, the media, and those who are exploiting and
capitalizing on his death.


I've been criticized by some because they feel what I'm doing is going to
hurt Frances.

For the past eleven years I've worked closely with a nationally known
expert on child abuse. I've donated countless hours of my time consulting,
and since becoming a private investigator, I've been paid for my work on
several child abuse cases. As a father of three grown daughters and
grandfather of seven, my concern for kids stems from the work I do and from
my own life's experiences.

Unlike the majority of those who immediately pre-judged my motives, I've
met Frances and watched her at play. How can I help but think about this
little angel every day as I work on this case? With all the negative press
condemning Kurt for his alleged "selfish act," Frances needs to know her
father loved her too much to have done what he's been accused of doing.


Although many of you are already convinced Kurt was murdered, if you read
the introduction to the Summary Of Events carefully, you'll notice I made
it clear from the beginning that this information is not intended to prove

When I say "Kurt Cobain was murdered," this is clearly my opinion. But I'm
trying to give you enough accurate information here to explain why this is
my opinion.

Additional information will be revealed when this case is re-opened that
will lead the investigators down a path of discovery and this house of
cards will fall.

The "proof" will then be presented in a court of law, not in the media...
not on the Internet.


I've received information from a reporter that the Seattle Police
Department is saying I was never employed as a detective with the L.A.
County Sheriff's Department. If this is true... if this is what they're
really telling the press, then whoever did the research on this one is
either a bold faced liar, or a really poor investigator. From what I've
seen so far, it's probably a combination of both!

During conversations with one of the Seattle detectives, I was reminded of
the "years of experience" shared by the members of the homicide team. This
detective said something to the effect of, "I think we know a suicide when
Experience can be a double edged sword. It often creates a cynical
know-it-all attitude that can result in sloppy work and hastily reached
conclusions. The Seattle Police Department seems to rely a little too much
on the "experience" of their investigators, and not enough on the
thoroughness of a legitimate investigation.


When a reporter from the Orange County Register asked detective Sgt.
Cameron about Kurt's missing credit card, he responded, "We're not going to
comment until we figure out what the hell Grant's after."

"...what the hell Grant's after!!"

What the hell IS Grant after?

The truth.